Tales From the Lasik Waiting Room

As an experienced Lasik patient I thought I might give a glimpse into the worst part of the Lasik procedure... the waiting room.   I have had a Lasik procedure twice, the second being a follow up since one of my eyes needed additional work after the healing procedure was complete.  I was distinctly less nervous about the second procedure, and observed and talked to a number of the other Lasik clients that were waiting with me. One was a young woman in her early twenties who talked incessantly trying to keep her mind off of any of the Lasik brochures and information on the table.  She had been thoroughly oriented to both the Lasik operation and post-op procedures, but had brought along a few stuffed animals to keep her company during the operation.  Most Lasik physicians recommend a minimum age of 18 due to sufficient maturity of the eye, but maybe waiting for some emotional maturity might be another factor.  On the other hand, I wondered what I looked and sounded like waiting for my fi